[✔️ DONE] Whiteboard: move forward, move back, lock

Whiteboard is definitely getting there guys.

I want to use whiteboard for Miro-style card sorts over SVG background images. I need to be able to control object layer ordering as most tools would (move forward, move back, move to front, move to back) as well as lock individual objects. Miro does this very nicely.



YES for this!!!

I tried to group multiple “shapes” to represent a group of something. I tried with a transparent background rectangle, but there was no way to move the layer to the back so I could select those shapes in the group. If I wanted to edit something I need to move the “group” shape, edit stuff and add it back.

Agreed guys!

And @Jean and @ChrisSparkT, curious your thoughts on this feature of Whiteboards:

What I’d like to do is get some visualization of “grouping.” Chris, I have in fact been using Miro for this need…

I get the impression that you both may be after what I’m hoping for as the end goal of Whiteboard: Being able to see your Dev System visualized, with all the connections that actual exist in it on the various layers, live update?

And “both ways,” what I mean by that is you can both create a diagram, and then link it and create real linked and grouped components in the system, like micro services, integrations with third parties and show the directly data flows, etc; or, auto generate the diagram from existing entities.. Sorry for another plug, but I mentioned that here, too:


Agree @B_Sp that would be a powerful way to use whiteboards although it slightly replicates functionality of boards when categorisation is clear cut. The good thing about using Miro and other post-it note replacements (particularly with consulting clients) is that it allows edge cases and ideas to emerge in a free form way with the structure as only an indication of where things should go but not a pre-ordained category.

Would also love your second suggestion - we are creating models with crazy amounts of relational interconnections so the Entity Tree just looks like a tangle - it would be good to have more control over that to be able to explore the data and make certain types superior to others.

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Lock, Bring Forward and Backward actions are implemented in Whiteboard View.