In Whiteboard, "Transparent" or "Empty" to represent Parent Entities

Hi guys,

I’d like to ask if you could consider a aspect of Whiteboard where a parent entity could be viewed as an “empty block” or group around its children. Something like this:

This is an image I did in reference to another work management app, but the point is that the “grouping” block would be the parent entity, with the “task” blocks the children. This is very useful for expressing software systems - tiers of development for example, or Master Features that contain many sub features. In reality those aren’t “relations” which would typically be shown with arrows, but actual “grouping” or folders, and I think it would be great if they could be illustrated that way.

For now I am just using a box in the Whiteboard to manually represent this, but if that box could become a real entity, that would be an amazing addition to Whiteboards.

Thanks guys!