Auto-Generate linked diagrams in Whiteboard

Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask about the ability for Whiteboards to show existing entities in an App, or even Cross-App, as well as relations. In my use of Whiteboards, which is a big reason I’m using Fibery over other solutions, I’d like to be able to both “create” in a whiteboard, then convert to Types and Entities, but also show what I have already set up in my work structure that exists within apps.

Thankfully, you have made great strides on the former - it’s possible to do a lot right now to diagram stuff in Whiteboard, and easily convert it into related Entities.

However, the other side of this for my use would be to be able to create a whiteboard that would “pick up” a selected set of Entities, and produce a diagram with the relations that exist shown. A few points here:

  • It would be great if the directions of arrows reflected what is already existing in Fibery, things like “many-to-one” showing in a certain direction, and possibly entire Apps showing as “boxes” around the entities within.

  • Have the ability to add to this existing diagram new Whiteboard elements, and link them directly. So you could add in this whiteboard, instead of in the Fibery Card or Table views.

This request about generating an org chart is closely related:

Thanks guys!


I was thinking the exact same thing and came to mention it. It would seem this would be possible from the hierarchies that we create in the app. I am working on an app that represents the data/content in one of our games an trying to create a one to one mapping with assets that end up on the game, text blocks, VO, animations etc. Being able to visualise the whole graph of it would be amazing.

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Hi guys, just curious if you had any thoughts on this or when it might be available.

I have noticed that when I draw in Whiteboard, I can create two entities that are in a Many-to-one relationship and when I convert the diagrams and connect, those connections materialize in the entities - that’s great! But it doesn’t work for one-to-one or Many-to-Many that I can see.

Also as a side note, it would be great if an entity had a link to a Whiteboard where it exists in the diagram…

Finally, Just wanted to relate back to this request as it’s also connected @AnadinX curious your thoughts on that one, thanks!

Hope these templates might be useful.

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