[DONE] Org Chart in Whiteboards

It would be great if there is an ability to generate organizational charts in whiteboards. It would be a great addition to the Employee Management tool that can dynamically generate org charts and include different types of attributes.

I am hoping that the formatting of the boxes in the entity views/tree views can also be customized in future version and controlled based on specific fields/attributes.

Many thanks for taking in all these requests :slight_smile:


Hey @cannibalflea, I just saw this, very exciting!

I’m very glad @mdubakov and team are moving this excellent feature along.

I would definitely like to be able to create relations around my Team Entity Types and generate an Org Chart as you suggest.

I am also hoping that we will be able to show relationships that are outside the in-App hierarchy. As far as I can tell all the relations that show so far are the ones that are set up in App between Types in an App. For my #1 use case, I’d like to be able to show relations between pieces of my team’s software platform, which we have built out across Fibery with many differently relations. So I am hoping this will be possible in this next release as well…

…and of course, the ability to draw a diagram and convert it to a related entity would be amazing…I am hoping that may be coming, too. But if not, I don’t mind waiting as I have a lot of confidence we will see constant improvements in Whiteboard as the year progresses.


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Just here to :+1:t4: this functionality. It would be fantastic. An OKR whiteboard could then show categories and completion like this:


Is this possible now? Particularly with OKRs?

Unfortunately it is not possible. We do have this in plans though.

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Any help?

Org.chart can be created now with auto-layout and relations