Graphically representing relations

Here’s a template that demonstrates how to use Fibery to create graphical representations of the entities and their relationships (a stopgap solution until the whiteboard functionality is completed :slight_smile: )

In this example, I am modelling a bill of materials (since this is something I personally find useful) but the concept can be generalised to any set of entities/relations. Each item has a URL that, when clicked, produces a diagram of the ‘downstream’ hierarchy.

It works by utilising formulas to build a description of the entity relations in the dot language, and then forming a URL that works with the api to produce the diagram.

Hope some people might find it useful :slight_smile:

UPDATE: see below for what it looks like when you open it (thanks Oshyan)


By the way, for the item names I had to substitute spaces with underscores in the diagram, since I couldn’t figure out how to create a text string containing "

UPDATE: I’ve fixed this by using %22 instead of " which is fine for the URL API. The app templates are now updated.

Still, it would be nice if this issue could be fixed more generally.

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And here’s a simple Org chart version of the same idea, since I get the impression that this might be popular:

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Cool! I added it to my workspace just to see exactly how it looked/worked. For those who just want a quick visual, here is the outcome (SVG):

And the Fibery source table:

And an example (top-level) entity:

Thanks @Oshyan for that. I guess I should have given people an idea of what they’d find :slight_smile:

Feel free to do the same for the Org chart :wink:

To be honest, the 1x Product Instance showing in your third image is actually redundant, unless Product were to become incorporated into another level above, so I’ve removed it.
(I actually created it when experimenting with circular relations but that’s another story!)

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Here’s what the org chart entities look like:

and here’s the image you get when you click the Org Chart URL for the Big boss:

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