Better UX for Opening External URLs

I like the idea of having a url type, but wish we could either make the URL field more user friendly or leverage the button field to open links.

So, the idea is that we might have external documentation or an external page of some kind to reference. As-is, the URL field shows the beginning of the URL, you can click it and it’ll open. However, I think it would be more polished looking if we could make that link look more like a button, and provide some alternate text.

Currently, this is what it looks like:

What I’d like for it to look like (I don’t see how current action button can open a link):

An extension of this request would be to customize the button display further:

  • Support a button that just shows an icon
  • Support switching the button style between an outline button and a solid button (so you could have a primary button and a secondary button)

It is possible to use an emoji for the button field name (and therefore the appearance of the button).
And if you didn’t know, on Windows, holding down the Windows button and pressing period/fullstop brings up a jump list of emojis. Some of them aren’t supported, but plenty are, e.g. :x::white_check_mark::grey_question:

Obviously doesn’t solve the second part of your problem :-/