URL alias in formulas

I use the formulas quite a bit as a way of connecting Fibery to other systems. However, the result includes the entire URL which sometimes can be quite long. This is specially a problem when displaying these fields in the table view. I was wondering if it is possible to add an argument when “URL” is chosen as the return type to provide an alias which is displayed in the UI instead? It would be great if the alias could also be formula based/dynamic but even a static string alias would be an improvement.

The inspiration for this is the HYPERLINK function in excel which accepts a “friendly_name” argument.

I might be misinterpreting this, but I think this request might have similar intentions as my request for Better UX for Opening External URLs. I’m essentially wanting some kind of button that tells the user what they are opening, rather than only seeing the first part of the URL. I wonder if this would solve your problem.


Your request would definitely be a more elegant solution as I was also thinking of how to display this in tables.

I think it would be good to have the option for particular cases to still just render the full URL, so perhaps there could be checkbox/switch that would enable rendering URL as a button.

Yeah, I was hoping i could work around the issue by using an action button, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to open the url via an action button. Now that I understand the scripts/action buttons are doing things on the server side, it makes sense. I think having some options on the url field for how it is displayed would be a more preferred approach as you are suggesting, and likely consistent with what people would expect.

I don’t have any votes left, so I can’t vote on your request but hopefully @mdubakov would be able to amalgamate the two requests and votes :slight_smile:

I got to get better at searching this forum. So many great things already discussed!

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Is there any feedback or update on this or @rothnic request (Better UX for Opening External URLs)?

Now that links can show up as pinned fields, I think having a way to shorten the fields would be quite helpful to keep the UI tidy.

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Sorry to revive this old post.

I was wondering if there was any update on this (quality of life) item. I would really love to pin my formula-generated links to the top of the entities but the long links just take too much space and are not descriptive of the actual link!