CHANGELOG: June 30, 2022 / Pinned Number, Text and Url fields, experimental context reports

:heavy_check_mark: Rich text: convert paragraphs and lists to checklist

Now you can convert several paragraphs or a bullet/numbered list into a checklist. Select text and find the new Check List action in the menu.

2022-06-30 10.43.29

:round_pushpin: Pinned Number, Text, and Url fields

Now you can see (and edit!) Number, Text and URL fields in the pinned fields section. And it means all type of fields can be added (and edited!) in the pinned fields section!

2022-06-30 10.46.37

The next step for us is extending this concept to the other places. For example, we will:

  • Make units in Board, List, Timeline and Calendar views editable.
  • Allow customization of references, like this [[Public Roadmap/Roadmap Item: Pinned Date Fields]] . It will be possible to see more fields and edit them right here.

:ghost: Experimental: Context Reports

Now you can create Context Reports as other Context Views in Smart Folders. Context Reports are most useful for high-level Entities that turn into dashboards:

  • Team: Velocity per Sprint
  • Objective: Key Results Progress
  • Customer: Story Points Delivered per Week
  • Sprint: Burndown Chart

To create a custom report:

  1. Enable Context Reports in Experimental Features (top left menu → Experimental Features).
  2. Navigate to any Smart Folder and click + near entity name.
  3. Select Report.
  4. Select report scope in the top right corner: for ALL entities in this Smart Folder or just for a single entity.

Here is the video that shows a context report creation for a Product Area.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Always apply Rank as on top of other sorting.
  • Added does not contain Me filter for Users collection.
  • Make some formula functions more friendly with int/decimal dichotomy. Add auto-conversion of decimal into int for some functions, so now you can use decimals as function parameters.
  • Performance: Ask a user to refresh the page if the tab was keep opened and inactive for a long time, thus reducing server load and browser CPU load.

:shrimp: 12 Fixed Bugs

  • Rich edit: Creating empty checkbox items is not desired and not consistent / list
  • Rich edit: List get added after the text if place a cursor at the beginning of the text line
  • Rich edit: When editing number list and creating a second level it forces to use number as well
  • Rich edit: When I select list then Header option in menu should be disabled
  • Rich edit: Comments/References icons overlaps if there are several mentions in a single line
  • Whiteboard: Bold text doesn’t work in whiteboard blocks (shape)
  • Current User is not automatically filled in the entity if create it on the view with applied User is Me filter
  • It’s impossible to create entity on the view if enum used in filter was deleted - error message was changed
  • Esc key consistency should be improved
  • [Firefox] Placeholder and arrow are shifted in selectors in Table view
  • Make Actions always visible in Table View
  • Activity log tooltips are no more visible

Context reports in smart folders is wonderful - such a time saver. Thank you!