CHANGELOG: April 12 / Pinned State and Assignment fields, Read-only users can add Comments

:round_pushpin: Pinned State and Assignment fields

Panel navigation works great, but in many cases it demands more clicks to access fields. With this release you will always see State and Assignments in the main panel and can change values right there as well.

The next step for us is to implement customization of pinned fields and make all kind of fields editable.

:zipper_mouth_face: Read-only users can add Comments

Free read-only users can add full comments and inline comments to the documents and entities. It makes collaboration a bit easier.

:ok_hand: Open Entity in full screen (aka expand) from View

In some cases it is handy to open entities in full screen from the View (Board, Table, etc). Now there is a special β€œexpand” icon on an entity that you can click and enjoy the full entity:

2022-04-12 14.05.00

:robot: Automations: Rich text fields can be used in templates

Now you can use rich text fields in automation templates. It works for native entity fields and fields, accessible via reference. Here are some examples:

Hello: {{Description}}
This is one-to-one: {{Epic.Description}}

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Header in all Views looks better and there is less empty space.
  • Slack-based vacation tracker now support aliases
vacation, Vacation, Day Off
dayon, Overtime, Dayon, Day On, 
sick, Sick Leave, Sick

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • The many-to-many function in Smart Folders is broken when exported as a template
  • Rich edit: Cursor is hidden or moved to the wrong place if select image and press down arrow
  • Rich edit: It’s impossible to select image in the document using keyboard
  • An error on Unlink whiteboards and documents from entity view


Should the Guest permissions description be update to include this change?

EDIT: Wow, the rest of these new features are awesome

Moving the state to the main panel is marvelous: thanks! Looking forward to being able to move other fields too: my Tasks have a State and Disposition (success, failure, etc.): I’m going to want to be able to see both of them within the main panel.