URL formula length limit

I am wondering if there is a length limit to the length of a formula field that returns a URL? I was trying to create a formula-driven URL that is pretty long and was surprised to see it truncated to about a 1000 characters.

Is this a known issue? I know old browsers had URL length limits, but new browsers don’t seem to have that issue.

I don’t need the UI to show the full URL (it can be truncated in the view or better yet allow an alias), but it would be really helpful for the link to include the full path.

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I was wondering if the fibery team is able to confirm this limitation. Since I’m using dynamic parameters in the URL, I am getting some weird results on the other end and want to ensure this is the source of the issue.

If the URL’s generated by formulas have a character limit, is there a possibility that can be increased? Should I create a feature request for this?