Add "Title" for URL type fields

It would be nice to be able to set the displayed Title of a URL type field (or a Formula with URL type). This is currently supported in Rich Text links (and everywhere else on the internet), but not URL type fields.

Also needed is a new Formula function to set both the Title and URL to be returned from from a URL-type Formula field.

This a major pain point for me especially in trying to integrate/link fibery to other systems. In most situations, the URL are really long and ugly, so while this seems insignificant, it feels like a big quality of life improvement.

This thread has some great ideas and precedent examples:

This request is basically the same idea as you’ve expressed here (I was inspired by Excel’s HYPERLINK formula function):

I had a fairly similar idea to you in terms of implementation (at least for formula based URLs):

I hope there is some movement on this soon :slight_smile: