Add "Title" for URL type fields

It would be nice to be able to set the displayed Title of a URL type field (or a Formula with URL type). This is currently supported in Rich Text links (and everywhere else on the internet), but not URL type fields.

Also needed is a new Formula function to set both the Title and URL to be returned from from a URL-type Formula field.

This a major pain point for me especially in trying to integrate/link fibery to other systems. In most situations, the URL are really long and ugly, so while this seems insignificant, it feels like a big quality of life improvement.

This thread has some great ideas and precedent examples:

This request is basically the same idea as you’ve expressed here (I was inspired by Excel’s HYPERLINK formula function):

I had a fairly similar idea to you in terms of implementation (at least for formula based URLs):

I hope there is some movement on this soon :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for keep bumping the topics around the URL/hyperlink fields. I keep running into this issue and every time it reminds me to try and see if there any possibility something like this might be in the pipeline.


Added my vote as well. We also have very ugly long URLs in the right panel of a contact or more entity that sometimes is 5 lines and takes a lot of space.


Just a reminder that his is a basic recurring need…

And related:

Did anyone find a workaround for now?

I tried to create a new Links database with a formula field to display a clickable link with Name and URL combined, but did not succeed yet, since the formula URL type field apparently cannot construct such link, it assumes the value is merely a URL.

No workaround yet. Still very long and ugly URLs in the CRM part :sweat_smile: