Convert external URL to webpage title in rich text fields

A very common feature is the auto-conversion of URLS to web page title, in rich text fields.

Currently in Fibery:

  • Internal URL’s in rich text fields only show the ‘mention’ option when the direct link to the page is pasted. However, it does not work when the entity URL is based on two panels (the right panel being the entity). When the left panel is closed, right panel becomes the main and only panel, but the URL does not change, it remains the URL of the dual panel combination. This dual panel URL does not show the ‘mention’ option when pasted in a rich text field, obviously because it points to two different panels (e.g. two entities or a view and an entity).

  • External URL’s don’t show an option to convert the URL to the title of the webpage. Very often the URLs are so long and complex that its not recognizable what the page is about or what its name is. So a similar feature like the ‘mention’ popup would be great to convert a URL to its metadata web page title.

  • The iframely fibery feature serves another purpose and therefore I don’t consider a solution: it embeds data served by iframely providers, which is more (and bigger) than just the web page link.

  • Neither is the the option to lookup the title, then manually type the web page title, and then turning it ito a link; its too work intensive.

It would be great to have this common need solved (fix dual panel URL and mentions and implement external URL conversion to webpage title)