Internal link field that does not open in a new browser window

I try to better organize the many views that my spaces have, preventing to use the left spaces column. What I did is create an ‘Internal links’ entity with a URL field, and create internal links entities for each view. In that way I can organize, list and filter the views just like entities.

  • The URL field forces the link to open in a new browser window.
  • A simple text field for the link, but that does not turn into a clickable link.
  • A rich text field does result in a clickable link, but a views list is not able to display rich text fields (yet).

So eventually I don’t have a proper solution for creating an entity type with a field that simply shows an internal link.

I like to submit this as a feature request.
What could be a workaround for this in the meantime?

Is it correct that this need only exists as an attempt to solve this?

No, that was just an example. I am seeking for a generic solution to use Bookmarks as entities in Fibery, which either open external links or can can open internal links. I think this is more a feature request that extends the URL field.
The best solution would be if Fibery recognizes internal and external links, and opens them in the same window or a new window accordingly. This essentially is already implemented in the rich text field links behavior.
An alterative (but worse) solution would be to add a checkbox to the field settings ‘open in new window’. A bookmark entity could then have two separate fields for internal and external links.

Maybe the title of this topic needs to be adjusted to point to the automatic opening of internal links in the same window for the URL field.

I suppose the current URL field was anticipated as being used for linking to external pages.
What’s the underlying use case that you’re looking to solve?
It sounds like you want to be able to navigate (to a view?) from an entity (either from entity view or where the entity is in a list/table/board etc.)…
but you also want to solve an apparent problem with a cluttered left menu.
I think the focus should be on what is the pain point to be solved rather than a specific solution.

Every “Link” anywhere really should have fields for “title” and “open in new tab”.

But they don’t :roll_eyes: