Text fields option: Auto-Parse links

Give Text fields an option to automatically parse links in their contents and display them as HTML clickable links wherever their content appears in the browser.

Use case: I have a text field for a vendor name; this could be combined with their website URL -
<a href="https://smallberries.com">John Smallberries</a>. Then wherever it is displayed, in entity view, or a Table, etc, it provides a handy shortcut for the users.

My vendor may also have an associated Company entity within my Fibery Workspace; in this case it would be ideal if I can link this Vendor field directly to the related Fibery entity. In any case the link content would remain editable by Fibery Editor Users.

Another way to do this would be to have a new HTML type Field. Then we could directly add whatever link, etc. we want (and make everything in our Workspace look weird and inconsistent too :grin:).