Use Fibery Extention for Automation Presets

Hello Fibery! This is my first post on here, so apologies if this already exists and I’m positing this in the wrong spot. In addition, my knowledge of javascript is super basic and my knowledge of APIs is nonexistent!

This being said, I’m trying to create an automation for any type that is created that already has lots of information about it in the description via the fibery browser extension, since thats basically the only thing you can add to it. (Also side note, I love the extension so much I use it to save links constantly to my fibery spaces, but it still uses the old lingo like types instead of databases. Just a reminder to change it there too if it is indeed a permanent change)

If for example I make a structured description, such as:
Entity: Trip to New York City
24 hours
1500 miles

Is there some way to make an automation that will read/use the description and then (probably using some formula or some programming magic) apply it to the entity to one of its existing fields? It feels like there should be since you can prepend, append, and overwrite anything to the description, so why not also be able to use the description to overwrite a field?

I’ve been messing around with it but it seems there’s no way to pull from the description in the formula section, so I’d have to do it via javascript. If anyone knows how to do this it’d be a big help :>