Auto-complete of matching hyperlinks (similar to '#' entity autocompletion)

I’ve realized that there’s a feature that would massively speed up my use of Fibery: I’d like to be able to start typing a string and have Fibery suggest hyperlinks as autocompletions, based on instances of that string (or strings starting with that string) elsewhere in my workspace as hyperlinks. So basically what already happens for entity references when I type “#foo”, but for hyperlinks. For example: I might have multiple instances of a hyperlink with the name “foo” and an associated URL. So on typing “foo” (after maybe typing a magic character, or maybe hitting a key combination to activate) I would get a suggested autocomplete of the already-complete “foo” hyperlink, which I could ignore or accept. This would be so helpful: as it is I’m constantly having to CMD-K to search for “foo”, then open a matching task, wait for it to render, find the “foo” hyperlink and copy it, then dismiss that task and jump back to the original task and copy the hyperlink.