[✔︎ DONE] Pls add URL field to field options in type definition


A URL field in types is necessary for some use cases, when just a link to an external web resource or reference needs to be associated with an entity.

Current work-around is using rich-text field but it shows a large text box. The URL field could be just like the text box field, but with hyperlink for the entered URL.



URL field is in plans for public release.

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Thanks @mdubakov!

webhook url do have bug did not work as it is texts

@mdubakov I was wondering what is the status of this request? It would be amazing if the URL field could also be dynamic and take data from other fields to generate new links. This would be very useful for linking to external systems through shared IDs. Obviously, this would require the URL pattern to be defined at the entity level and not be editable when adding new entities.

I was trying to accomplish this using action items, but wasn’t sure how to invoke a new window based on the URL (window.open() method) didn’t seem to work.

I was also thinking of using a formula for it (similar to the hyperlink formula in excel). But formulas at the moment just support numerical functions.

If there is a workaround, I would be thankful if someone could share.


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This concept of hiperlinks , use one url to conect 2 entitity relaions was ade in one start up called fiedbook , vey simple way to conect 02 tables
As you mentioned in speard sheets , when you conect one column to other column via the line relation ships the two data tables get automatically conected via field linked all datas too being automaticaly was made poosible .
This way making relationships can avoid , may integrations of conecting via duplicartion
of the fields in entity .
how this was made possible , but very fast way to integatating several data entitity , but the start , failed because of the business model , as not able to compete airtable app

URL field is there

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Thanks @mdubakov!

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@mdubakov any chance the URL field can be expanded to be more “dynamic”, i.e. URL constructed based on a formula/expression? Or is there a chance we will get a hyperlink function for the formula field. The static URL field works for some cases, but I think something that can be generated dynamically would be really useful.

It is already possible, if a formula returns a text result, to choose the type as url, and thereby have dynamic urls. After composing your formula, just choose url instead of text from the ‘field type’ drop down.

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Thanks for letting me know! I hadn’t seen this change :slight_smile: