Title for external links

Hi, I didn’t find it elsewhere as a proposal so unless I’m missing something, I’m writing it here: when adding a link in a rich text, the full path is shown, there is no possibility to set a title for a link so that only the title is shown.
This is just not nice in general for long URL but it’s a problem when the link is in a table cell so that the cell size is abnormally stretched.
It is supported in Notion so Fibery cannot be without :grinning:
cheeers and thanks


If you write and then highlight a piece of text (the title you want to be used) you can just paste the url of the link (Ctrl-V) and it will be converted into a hyperlink.

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Thanks Chris, I didn’t know it, sorry for asking then :slight_smile:

No worries, that’s what the community is for :slight_smile:

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