External URL links (shortcuts) in Sidebar

As I am building out my team’s workspace, it is clear that we can’t do everything in Fibery. Which is not too surprising, there are still plenty of advantages and consolidation opportunities! But this means we will want to make access (e.g. links) to other tools/systems/resources easily available, and ideally have the ability to associate those links with the App, Entity, or Folder it is relevant to.

So I think it would be nice to have the ability to create a shortcut link in the sidebar menus that leads to an external URL. The alternative would be to put these links into one or more Documents, or Entities, but that’s certainly less obvious and easy to use, involving more clicks, load time, etc. I can imagine a lot of potential uses for this kind of top-level link, and I think it could be an important structural element of an expanded menu management system.

This is probably a low priority request, but hopefully one you can consider.

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I support something like this, perhaps down the road when Fibery (hopefully) molds into a true “starting point” for your day-to-day life in a Product Team. Instead of Email, for example…

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I have been considering making some sort of “Starting Dashboard” using document, but never got around to it.

It would contain links, some metrics I think is important to me, links to other informational documents etc., but I’ve had too much other stuff to do to bother :woman_shrugging:

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