My current Coda dashboard in Fibery

I have this as my “sidebar” in Coda:

I would really like to be able to create the same in Fibery on my “Homepage”.

It looks like this would require columns (resizable), inline formulas (that have the option of displaying results as a list and links or even better as Fibery’s inline entities) and buttons.

So I guess this is just me adding my use case for these features.

Maybe instead of specifying specific functionality that you would like to see implemented, perhaps you can explain how you use these things in coda, so that we can think about the best way of providing the same capability.
For example, does the presence of these things in a ‘sidebar’ imply that these are things you need quick access to?
What does the ‘relevant dates’ section allow you to do? Is it a was of seeing anything that has a date field set to the values shown?
Have you tried experimenting with the beta test stuff mentioned here: Beta testers wanted
It might support just this sort of thing, e.g. you could create a simple list view filtered to show Yesterday, Today, Last week and This week, with linked items nested underneath.
Similarly, might a couple of filtered views allow you to see Overdue tasks, Active projects, etc.

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