Add Now option to date filters

I’d like to filter my tasks by “Do Date on or before Now”. Including the time. Today isn’t specific enough for me.

I know there are workarounds, but would be nice to have it as a part of the filter options.

Any formula (or view filter setting) that supported Now as a concept is quite challenging, since it implies recalculation would be occurring every second.
This puts a massive load on the backend, and is unlikely to happen any time soon.

At the moment, the shortest interval for recalculation is every hour (using scheduled automation or integration syncing).

I can do it in Coda and it works well. I would expect to be able to do it in Fibery too.

Well, I guess coda do things differently to Fibery on the front/back end :person_shrugging:

To be fair, my answer was for formula calculations (which are done on the backend) so maybe I can check with the devs if there’s something related to view filters (front end only) that we could do to support it.


We’ve added a new feature to the backlog to support Now in view filters, no promises though about when we will implement.

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Wonderful, thank you!