Adding link to a specific record in the root of a space?

I have a Space for each of our teams that includes one smart folder with all of their “Sprint” records and another smart folder with all of their “Client” records.

In the root of the Space, I’d like to link to a specific record of their “Team” entity.

Ideal hierarchy in sidebar:

Team A (Space)

  • Overview (“Team” Record)
  • Sprints (Smart Folder)
    – Sprint 1 (“Sprint” Record)
    – Sprint 2 (“Sprint” Record)
  • Clients (Smart Folder)
    – Client 1 (“Client” Record)
    – Client 2 (“Client” Record)

Is this possible? Or do I need to essentially hack it by embedding the entity I want into a doc?

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This would be super useful. I always thought out it as the ability to create “shortcuts” in the menu to specific entities. I am hoping this isn’t a huge underaking since you can already do something like this with the favourites feature.

One way to hack this is to create a smart folder and then just filter it so only the entity you want shows up. Not really the cleanest method!

Yes, I almost wrote that myself.

We are having some discussions internally about the left menu, so there may be some improvements coming at some point in 2024, and we will keep such a use case in mind.

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Do these Spaces include DBs or do you use the Spaces exclusively for organizing the left menu?

@Chr1sG this is great to hear. As long as this is under consideration, I would like to request that you not only able to create shortcuts to individual entities but also views, documents and whiteboards. I sometimes need to have the same view available in multiple places in a workspace and find it a real pain to keep them all consistent. Being able to create the view once and just shortcut/symlink to it in the left menu would really help :slight_smile:

I only have 2 spaces with DBs. One called “Hubspot” that contains the handful of databases/objects we sync from Hubspot and one called “Fibery” that contains 20+ databases. Maybe it’s because I don’t know enough to know better, but having databases spread out across a lot of different spaces makes things very messy and confusing for us (especially when trying to manage automations) so we keep them all together.

To actually answer your question though, I always hide the 2 spaces with DBs because I don’t want people touching them and end up creating a bunch of new spaces for organizing everything in the left menu (clients, sprints, teams, etc)

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Gotcha, thanks!
We’ll experiment with the sidebar organization in the next couple of months — I’ll knock on your door for feedback once we have something to try :slight_smile:

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Awesome, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Have you tried the experimental Smart Sections? They look like a natural solution for this case.