URL Magic: Page titles instead of generic blurb

Dear Fiberati (awesome Fibery community),

Re: Make URL magic… more magic!

When I copy and paste links from Google Docs into other tools (eg. Trello), some magic happens such that the long URL is replaced with the name of the document.

When I copy and paste links from Fibery into other tools (eg. Trello), it’s not quite as magic, because the long URL is replaced with the generic Fibery blurb. It would be more magic if the long URL was replaced by the title of the page.

See attachment.

Please can you make this magic happen?



If the URL you are using is an internal URL (like http:// workspace. fibery. io/ Space/ Project/ 10) then it is not public, so the title is considered private information, so is not shown.

If you add a sharing URL (like http:// workspace. fibery. io/ Space/ Project/ 10? sharing-key=9a07811d-6749-4cfc-90b7-76677945d3a7) then it should show the appropriate title.

(NOTE: I had to add spaces to the URLs so that you could see what I mean!)

I suspect that the Google ‘magic’ works because that link is public.

Good to know. However… my google document isn’t public either. So how do they do it?

Well I guess Google decided that the title of a document that is not publicly shared should not be considered sensitive info.

Out of interest, what was the Fibery URL pointing to (if you don’t mind telling us!) ?

It was pointing to a list view (inside a product space that is shared with everybody at our company, but not published to the web) called Product / Feature Priority

It seems that we plan to adjust this behaviour, so in the future, you will be able to see a preview of the title :slight_smile:

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Hey @HSinger – some web browsers like Edge implements this behavior and it works for Fibery links too.

You may be able to check if your web browser has the option disabled by default or if an extension doing that job exists. HTH

Magic! :white_check_mark::pray::+1:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to struggle to convert 65 people to Edge! :grimacing:


Slightly off topic, but another cool URL trick is selecting text and then ctrl-v pasting your link and it automatically hyperlinks that text rather than replacing it with the URL. Craft Docs does this and it feels like magic every time I use it.

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