CHANGELOG: June 2, 2022 / Hierarchical Checkboxes List, Pinned Date fields

:heavy_check_mark: Hierarchical checkboxes list

Now it is be possible to create hierarchical checkbox lists. Use Tabs to add more levels. Easy!

2022-06-02 17.21.23

:round_pushpin: Pinned fields: Date, Date Range

Now you can pin date and date range fields (and edit them right away as well). More fields will follow soon.

2022-06-02 17.22.19

:shrimp: 8 Fixed Bugs

  • Fields with space in name do not work for collections in markdown templates
  • Partly hidden drop-down in ‘Ask for user’ pop-up
  • Duplicated back-references if there are 2 or more rich-text fields in the entity where mention is added
  • Sync fails for some base from Airtable
  • Inline entity creation in Rich Text (Ctrl+E) fails if selected text spans multiple lines
  • Pinned collections don’t get truncated on large screens if there are more than 5 linked entities and ‘N more’ button is missed.
  • Drag buttons are shown over the entity if scroll it with expanded pinned fields settings
  • Unexpected page refresh in attempt to select assignee for entity mentioned in comments

Thanks for constant improvements. Great to get checklists with tabs!

Could you also add text items to pinned fields?
For example when opening a linked Merge Request (from Gitlab integration) one more click is needed to get to the gitlab URL. See screenshot below

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It’s in progress :slight_smile:

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Yay!!! I never thought I would be so excited about checkboxes :person_shrugging:

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I think documents were overlooked even though many people use it, including in trials. If it gives you an off feeling or not polished enough, it adds up to the overall impression of the tool and finally to purchase decision.

I found a bug, pretty sure it’s not new, when trying to convert from a normal list item to a checkbox item Screen Recording on 2022-06-05 at 13:21:24.mp4 - Droplr

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So far Fibery does not mix list types. We have several bugs and features in next batches to improve Lists, and will take a look at this as well.

@Chr1sG will it be possible for the team to look at hyperlink alias request (see URL alias in formulas and Better UX for Opening External URLs ) at the same time as this? I think if you are going to use the very limited real estate at the top of the entity to display URLs (or formula based URLs) it would be really helpful to shorten them.