Add Tags support to Discourse integration

I find the Discourse integration with Fibery to be very useful. However it appears to lack support of Tags, which for many forums - and for feedback processes in particular - is highly valuable. Without this support, you are limited to use of Categories, which are less flexible, and you also have only a limited amount of “nesting” you can do.

So I would like to request the addition of Tags support. I’m not sure if it should be a Type of its own like Category, but probably. Alternatively, perhaps a multi-select.

Type will work better here for sure.

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I take that to mean you will implement it, at least some time. :wink:

@mdubakov I would love a bit a bit more clarity around whether you have intention to support this (and ideally to know how difficult/time consuming it is). Your own feedback process seems to connect heavily with use of tags in the forum, so surely it is of value to your own team, at least. And I know Discourse integration is not heavily used yet (I aim to change that though!), but I do hope the value for your team at least contributes notably to implementing this…

@mdubakov I know this is almost certainly a low priority, but I was also hoping it would at least be one of either A: something that could be implemented quickly, or B: something that could be answered quickly with a reason why not. :wink: And I hate to do it, but you did promise some improvements in response time…

Maybe @Chr1sG has some thoughts now that he’s on the inside? :grin:

I’ll try and see what I can find out. I’m afraid Michael is ‘out-of-office’ at the moment. Apologies from us both for not replying sooner.

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Thanks! This ongoing thread over on Discourse Meta may be relevant (and the Integromat thread it links to):

In short, I’m not sure if there is a limitation in the Discourse API for tags, or if they are exposed and it’s just change detection that must be done via Webhooks. If that’s the case, then it should be possible for Fibery to support them since its integrations are mostly “naïve” in the sense that they just pull all data each sync, from what I understand. But obviously if tags aren’t supported in the API at all, then Webhooks would be the only way.

If Webhooks are they way, I imagine that’s something I could do within Fibery already, setting something up to “enrich” the existing Discourse synced data using an action button or automation or something. But it’d be a lot nicer just to have it be part of the integration.

Just checked - we will add those Tags in the next release - next week :hugs:

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I’m so glad to hear this, thank you for checking! This will make Fibery + Discourse much more powerful and useful.

Tags support for discourse is released CHANGELOG: Sep 12 / Slack app, "Entity linked" trigger, Permissions for select Fields

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