Discourse Integration - add ability to select which categories/tags/etc. are synced

I am already starting to work with the new Discourse sync and it’s really nice to have. Thanks for this!

First thing I’d really like to have is the ability to not sync certain categories, tags, etc. There is a lot that can be discussed in any given forum, and much of it will not be relevant or actionable within Fibery, depending on the setup of course.

There may already be a way to do this, but I didn’t see it. I checked the sync settings, and also tried deleting a synced category, but it just came back on the next sync. I haven’t tried any of the other integrations yet, but presumably there are ways to control what is synced, if not it’s a good addition for the whole integrations system IMO.

I am trying to keep my feature requests for this integration to a minimum because I don’t see it as high priority work. But this one does seem important and like “low hanging fruit”, hopefully…

Hi, Oshyan!
Thanks for the suggestion!
Btw, as a workaround now, you can sync all the info and get a bird view, but filter necessary categories, tags and etc., as all of it is field/types in Fibery :slight_smile:

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Yep, it’s quite usable already! But until/unless we can filter searches by entity field value (e.g. filter results only to one particular forum category) it is still non-ideal.

Now you can filter sync by Category @Oshyan

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Excellent, thanks!

This feature request can be marked solved (vote plugin version). And maybe look for all “Solved” (“solved plugin”) topics and do the same?

Mm, no, @mdubakov I think you’ve just marked a post as the “Solution”. That’s still the “Solved” plugin, not the “Vote” plugin I believe. Once this is closed for the Vote plugin it shouldn’t be voteable anymore, it should become grayed out. I looked into it and I believe both the “Close” and “Archive” options from the Gear menu will accomplish this. Here’s more on the distinction between them: