Sub-categories not synced in Discourse integration - Category becomes blank!

I seem to have discovered a pretty major issue with the current Discourse forum integration: sub-categories do not seem to sync correctly at all! They do not show up in in the Category Type, and as a result, the category link in the Topic Type is blank for any Topic in a sub-category. This seems like a pretty major issue! I’m surprised, really, because I know the Fibery team itself uses this integration, and this forum has sub-categories. Surely this has been noticed by now? Maybe it’s something that’s just occurring in my test forum? Can the team confirm this is happening in the internal instance?

The thought does occur to me, the Discourse integration App only shows “Category” as a Type. So unless sub-categories are treated as “Category” Type (which would not seem to correctly represent the relationship with parent categories), then there really is no way to represent them. So I’m guessing it’s not unique to my instance. Again, seems like a serious limitation.

I hope this can be addressed sooner than later. This combined with the the lack of tag support makes this integration a lot less useful than it could/should be. And I’ve come to understand recently that the Discourse integration isn’t that widely used. Well… maybe some of these issues are partly the reason(s) why?

Perhaps an appropriate fix would be for the category type to have a self-relation (one-to-many) so that subcategories are just categories that are children of another category.
And a topic can be a child of any of them…

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Good thinking. I can’t see a problem with that at first glance…

This is still an issue. Can I get a response @mdubakov ? How on Earth does the Fibery team work with this, given you have plenty of subcategories here? I’m honestly shocked it’s like this.

Hi @Oshyan
Yeah, we experience the problem, it’s not just you.
The fix is in the backlog, but I can’t see that we have an ETA, sorry.

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Thanks for confirming. I don’t really understand how this can just go unresolved though, since the result is not that there is just the parent category (which would be OK-ish), but no category. So the ~25 posts in Features->Integrations just have no category here in your internal Fibery. That seems nuts to me. I guess maybe you rely more on tags? But actually most of the Integrations category topics don’t even have tags! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In any case it just seems like it would be so simple to fix. Surely the info is available in the Discourse API, and obviously a Type could easily represent the parent-child relationship. I’m confused why it isn’t just prioritized to be done quickly and soon. But I realize you can’t speak to that. Maybe you can get some understanding from Michael. :stuck_out_tongue: Like if it’s a gargantuan, weeks-long effort for some reason, then I’d understand, but given the sophistication of the existing integration it’s hard to imagine that being the case. It seems more like it’d be 1 day or something…