What happens when an integration is updated/expanded?

With my recent feature request for tag support in the Discourse integration, I started to wonder what would actually happen if this was added. I have the integration already enabled, and it has several Types that it created. Would a new Type for Tags just automatically be added if the team implemented that? Or would I need to re-setup the app or at least re-sync or something?

I think in the ideal case a message would pop-up for any updated integrations saying e.g. “We have added support for X new data/field/type/whatever. Would you like to sync this data as well? This will create X new type(s).” Although thinking about it now, if I recall, the existing integrations basically just require all their Types and Relations, right? Anyway, an update message just as notification of a change would be good regardless.

I’m fairly sure this has already come up before, I recall that some integrations have been expanded after initial release. But I don’t know how that was handled. Apologies of I missed some prior discussion here.