Updating a custom Integration app - what happens to existing and deleted entities?

I need to add some Filters to my Custom Integration app, which means I will also need to change the integration’s configuration in Fibery (to set the new filters).

After I update and reconfigure the CI app in my Workspace, how will Fibery treat the next sync?

  • Will Fibery re-sync existing Fibery entities, overwriting them from the data returned from the Integration?

  • What about fields that were added to a Type in Fibery (i.e. not part of the Type’s definition from the Integration app)?

  • Will Fibery resync (recreate) old entities that were previously synced, but were deleted in Fibery?

The above questions also apply for these situations:

  • When previously-enabled CI Type is disabled, then a sync is performed

  • When a previously-disabled CI Type is enabled, then a sync is performed

Here is another question about updating a Custom Integration:

When my Custom integration is updated in Fibery, will the value of “lastSynchronizedAt” that is passed to the integration app be reset?

This is important to know, because my custom integration uses “lastSynchronizedAt” to limit the records it queries from my data source (Zoho CRM).

If “lastSynchronizedAt” is reset by Fibery for any reason, then my CI app will begin retrieving much older records which were last synchronized long ago.

This could potentially result in old Fibery entities that were manually deleted being recreated by the sync.

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Hi, Matt!
I believe your use case is very specific, and I’m afraid we can’t ask devs to focus on such deep questions right now.
I added a task for the future to our update the Integrations documentation, once they have time.