Custom integration Sync is broken after any error

Once any sync issue has occurred in my custom integration, Fibery will no longer attempt to sync the data.

After an issue has occurred, if I do a Manual Sync, Fibery says it is syncing, but it never accesses the integration’s /api/v1/synchronizer/data endpoint.

After accessing the /api/v1/synchronizer/schema and /validate endpoints, it just spins forever:

To make another test, I must delete the DB, reset the integration, and start all over again from scratch :unamused::disappointed_relieved::triumph:

@Matt_Blais , sorry for inconvenience, could you run sync once again please? I’ve added more logs for investigation.

@Evgeni_Kisel Thank you for your attention - as I have continued to develop my app, it no longer reproduces this issue.

I’m sure it was a bug on my end, but unfortunately I do not know what caused the issue.

(This Forum prevents me from making the above post alone, as it is identical to my response in a different thread, so I am adding this paragraph to make it different)

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