Custom Integration: "Sync failed", but why?

My Custom Integration’s sync apparently failed, but there is no information about WHY:

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I am consistently seeing this sync error.

Please help me understand how to debug this issue.

Here is a different kind of sync error – still no explanation:

Error generating Report:

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Is it really too much to ask, as a paying customer, for someone from Fibery team to look into why your backend is throwing this error, and help me understand what is going on?

I am very skeptical that my integration app is actually passing invalid JSON to Fibery; but if it is, it would be helpful to have a little more context to understand WHEN this is happening.

What is “state STRING1”?
What record was being processed when this error occurred?
What was the last successfully processed record?
What are the limits on data returned from the integration app? The last packet sent had a 1.4MB payload.
Is there a limit in the number of entities in a DB, or total DB size?

@Petr @Chr1sG @Polina_Zenevich @Oleg

Waiting for dev person to be back and help :slight_smile:
(most likely tomorrow)
If we missed smth in community - please, don’t hesitate to text in the intercom chat, there we are definitely faster :slight_smile:

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Hello, @Matt_Blais

Sorry for delay. I checked log for details. Looks like your payload is too large. Please implement and use paging in your custom connector. Fibery Integration Apps API



  • What are the relevant limits I am exceeding?
  • Is there any place I can see these error messages? e.g. “Payload Too Large”


To be honest it is a first time we met the issue with the size of data. We will need some time to found the part of where the limitation applied and make the error clear for users.
Sorry for inconvenience, we will notify about results.



I am all about pushing the limits :grin: LOL

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