Whiteboard - Visualizations of Relations that are not just Parent/Child

Hey Guys,

Excited for the next iteration of Whiteboards, and I know you have big plans for this amazing feature, one of my favorite of Fibery. I have been digging into it more, and I realize now that it seems to only visualize relations within a hierarchy that you define within an App - so for example an “Epic” is a parent of a “Task.”

I am really hoping to see some more context that would allow me to build diagrams with:

  • Multiple connections illustrating relations between entities. An “extra” would be the ability to have an arrow showing the direction of the connection, although I guess this would have to be set up as a new function of relations between entities so you’d know if a relation is “pointing” from one entity to another. This could be useful for say dependencies if you build them in, or another use would be “discovered during” in the case of software - you’d have one entity pointing to another that was the “discovered” one.

  • Ability to use related entities as groups. As I mentioned here:

I’m hoping to group entities into “layers” based on their relations to other entities. So for example if I could group by a relation, I could see all related entities to entities in a certain Type in “layers” in the diagram. This would be super useful in a number of instances, for example product groupings of features, Customers by products that they use if a company has many of each, etc.

Thanks guys and really eager to see what’s next with Whiteboards!