Upgrading to paid plan - no monthly option 🙁

My trial has expired and I want to upgrade to a paid plan. :smiley:

However, on the upgrade page, I don’t see an option to select monthly payments, only annually.

This will be a much easier sell if I can continue on a monthly-paid basis at least until the platform’s worth has been proven to management. :thinking:

Or I suppose I can create a new trial Workspace and continue my development there, if paid-monthly is not an option.

Or, does it make sense to deactivate all but one user, then convert to a paid plan, then add the two additional users I need? When a new Admin/Member user is created, are we charged for their entire year? I remember reading that they can be refunded pro-rata if they are deactivated.

I’m just needing to get the initial cost down for the buy-in, or else put it off until later when the potential value is more recognized.

Question: If I export my Workspace and import it into a new (trial) Workspace, is there anything that is not preserved? Automations? Color Rules? etc?

You should see a toggle on the Plan and billing page:

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Thanks @Chr1sG – I must have just missed that :thinking:

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