Upgrading Fibery subscription from Team to Company

I wish to upgrade from Team to Company, before January the 1st, which is day 1 of my company, "Bear":bear:, and I wish to make Fibery my digital HQ. However, when I try to do it, it seems I need to pay the full amount again (so I pay for both Team and Company).

This is the amount shown:

And here you can see that I already have paid for Team:

Come to think of it, there’s also the offer to get Fibery for free for a year if you are a startup :sweat_smile: - how does this work?

Will not ask any money back now that I am a startup (it feels good to pay some money, though I will also pay in lots of love :sparkling_heart:), but I do prefer to have the Company level plan now, before the new pricing starts! :blush:

Kind regards,


Hi, there is no automatic account upgrade, unfortunately. We have to cancel your current subscription and make a refund. Then you will be able to subscribe again. To be honest, I don’t think you need Company Plan, Team will be sufficient.

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Thanks! I will continue with this plan then! :blush: