Two weird search dialogue keyboard behaviours

Upon testing purely keyboard shortcuts I found these two.

  1. When creating a new entity in text editor, you can’t use tab to enter the type search field.

  2. In the global search, if you use Shift (seem to be shift only?) to write an uppercase character, you can no longer use the arrow down to sift through the filtered types list. I tested it about 10 times, and there was 1 case where it did work even after writing uppercase character.


Hey @Haslien yes great! I have noticed this too and it impedes some of what @Oshyan just brought up here in clarifying that you can almost ( my take on it ) create inline like in Roam/Notion, without leaving the keyboard:

I have found myself hitting “tab” everytime I’m In that dialogue hoping to move around over to that logo of “create” that shows with the “return” Icon:

Thanks for bring this up and perhaps we can solve this with a bit more of the keyboard movement in this modal tweaked!

Would love to get a response on this one Team and @mdubakov, as well as @Oshyan’s related request here:

These are big parts to Quality of Life for those of us using Fibery extensively, and it would be great to hear back from the team at least in one of these and related requests what you guys think! Unfortunately haven’t seen much of any response around these type of posts in a while, hope you are actually reading them!

@Haslien I discovered another funny behavior that also forces you back to the mouse:

If I have more than one option in the filtered types list that generates as I type names of Types, I can slide over to the keyboard and move around in the list with the arrow key. *But if there is only one option, I can’t!

Hoping to get these fixed soon!

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