Time estimation and tracking?


I am sure you have something planned for time estimation and tracking. A simple implementation could be the following:

Record Time: User can enter any time spent on that entity in terms of hh:mm or from-time to to-time. These records create a Time Log for the entity and also gets added to the Timesheet for the respective users.

Time Spent: Always shows the total duration of time spent on the entity (like task). This is calculated from the logged time.

Time Log: Shows an expandable list of all time logs recorded for this entity by all users. Shows date, from-time to to-time (optional) and duration.

Estimated Time Remaining: At the start of a task (entity), user can enter the estimated time required to work on this task/entity. Afterwards, it is updated by user to always reflect the time actually remaining to finish the task at any point. This is NOT calculated. User can edit this field and enter the time that is estimated to be remaining for that entity at any time, reflecting the real situation.

Timesheet: Standard timesheet for the user, collating all time spent in all entities, shown for each day of a time period, with totals for day and totals for period. A supervisor can view all subordinate users timesheets.


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We can quite quickly create such Time Tracking app (without timesheet so far). In fact it will take few minutes. The tricky part is Formula for Total Time Spent. While we do have formulas, they are extremely hard to setup so far.

This is how you can create Time Tracking app

And this is how formula works

Time list inside Task should be improved to display more info. It will be done in future. I just show how it can work.

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Yes, I just discovered the Formula thing but got scared seeing the code!

But all these are very promising indeed!

For our use, Time Tracking is very essential.

Yeah, soon we will move formula to a field with a sane excel-like syntax :slight_smile:


Sounds great!

I think Time Tracking may be better done by Extensions. Whenever these generic mechanisms will compromise usability, I think Extensions is the answer for that.

From UI point of view this is true. Timesheet, for example, will be a UI extension.

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Hey, just wanted to weigh in here, @Shafqat_Ullah you really summarized Time Tracking perfectly, kudos! Your description pretty much covers all that I think should be needed in any time tracking, and most apps out there only get part of it right. We too really need Time Tracking and it would be terrific if Fibery could offer it just as you describe it.

In particular, a great feature is a log where as you log your time - either manually, or by turning off a timer you started earlier - and then add your “log” such as “wrote first draft” or “narrowed target list down to 50,” the log associate with the time will also go into the Entity’s activity stream, along with other comments and other history, such as “state changed to ‘in progress’”

Very eager to see this feature come through!