Time tracking: how can a teammate track spent time?

Hi guys,
How do you track spent time in tasks? I need personalized time tracking - so that it is allocated to a specific colleague. Is there a feature for that or wayarounds to consider? Thanks in advance!

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There is no great feature for it yet.
But!:cat:‍:motorcycle:You can use Action Button for this
Action buttons (old) | Fibery Help Center - FYI
And on Gitlab we even have a template for Time Tracking
time-tracker · master · fibery-community / Action Buttons · GitLab


Thanks, @Polina_Zenevich! The article by Anton is clear and helpful: now I guess I will set up the types and then ask a programmer for assistance.
This proposal by Anton looks promising as well:
"If you’re not a coder yourself and there is no one to help you within your team, don’t lose hope — ping us in Intercom, we will help. "

P.S. The template for Time Tracking you shared feels more like a Timer - it is helpful and some of us are used to it - still, imho, it is a minor part of time tracking.

Hi @Aliaksandr_Smirnou,

Yes, I’m using this method for now. There is a good thread here commented by some of the other users such as myself:

Time estimation and tracking?

Quite a bit, but my hope is that it’s a guideline about what we can expect in Fibery down the road, although I don’t think the Fibery team has signed off officially on any of these features. Would be curious if you thought this list covers what you’d like to see in Time Tracking if it was full-featured?


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Thanks for the link, @B_Sp. This thread covers all functionality I actually seek for within time tracking) And the best part: looks like most of it may be implemented within current Fibery tools.
Michael has shared Videos of making the apps, this is a basic configuration I am improving. Not sure how long it will take me to fullfil my request, but will share the results if get to smth worth it)

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Glad to hear it @Aliaksandr_Smirnou. Yes, I have full confidence Fibery will be able to handle most all Time Tracking needs ultimately.