Anybody uses Fibery for Team Workload Planning?

A view rolling up estimates of all hours of all assigned tasks of any kind. Including calculation of some sort of a vacation/day off calendar/weekly working hours. A Ressource Management Solution within Fibery that let me keep assigned work in check/balanced across the team.
Like a ClickUp Workload view.
Any idea how I could archive this?

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I run a code / nocode dev agency and we use Clockify for tracking hours worked on each clients project. It has all the resource management features you mentioned.

It would pretty easy to pull in data from Clockify into Fibery by adding a custom app, however currently its read-only so you can sync a table of data from Clockify to Fibery but to send data back to Clockify would require a bit of custom code.

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Hi Remo, we do this, but it is very raw at the moment.
We essentially run a weekly meeting, where we plan and review resource load for the next 4 weeks, using Fibery views, a set of custom entities and reports. There’s a lot of scope to make the solution better, but we are building as we go along. The next part we need to implement is keeping the people up-to-date with their allocations, so this part is automated. We’ve looked at time tracking apps, but due to the nature of our business (agency), there’s nothing out their which really suits us well.

Once we’ve nailed it, I’d love to write a blog post about it as there’s some interesting ideas.


Hi, Remo!
That’s a nice question indeed :slight_smile: We already have a couple of resources, that we can already share:

  1. Digital Agency webinar - there as a part of the webinar we shared how to build the time tracking system and keep it updated
  2. [Planning Project allocations](https://Planning project allocations) - as a more “pro” solution for one of the uses cases we had from our customer

The problem is, that Resource Management can be very different from company to company.
So we can hop on a call, discuss requirements and expectations, and create an MVP together :muscle:

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