Construction Project Management

This is a thread to help fellow construction oriented Fibery enthusiasts.

I’ll start by saying that our team have converted most tracking processes to Fibery. We won’t be doing invoicing or progress claims via Fibery but we can track them through the existing software. We also won’t be using it for documentation such as drawings, sign offs and other project related stuff.

Overall it has been a great experience so far and the Fibery team have been incredibly helpful (thanks team!).

We’re tracking 50+ projects with all varying degrees of complexity and it’s been so good to collaborate with the team right in Fibery via comments. It’s also great to track resourcing, however the timeline view needs a bit of work.

One thing I will be trying to build out next is a quoting tool. Unfortunately there is a lot of moving parts when it comes to quoting in construction and a lot of variables. If anyone has done this or started, I would love to see it or help.


I love to see a construction company adopting Fibery! I’m in real estate development (the kind of company who might hire you as a contractor I suppose, if I understand your role/business right), and have been using Fibery to track our various projects and deals for a few years now. I’m not aware of any other tool that actually meets the varying needs of our kind of business this well, so I’m glad to see others in this broader industry “seeing the light”. :grin: That said I think our biz needs are different enough from yours that there may not be much overlap in configs, etc. to share. But I’ll happily contribute to these kinds of discussions where I feel I can be useful.

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