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Sorry in advance for the novel. TL;DR (kinda), As an employee of a large-ish public corporation, I checked Fibery out a few months ago, said nah I’m good, tried some competitors, missed your relational data approach, and now am all in with fitting Fibery into my workflows, which are in no way related to product management or software devel (as is the case with the majority of users so it seems).

First, context about the category of “use case type” I represent: I found out about Fibery via a Reddit post comparing a bunch of project/task management solutions, and I checked y’all out and was impressed with the TRUE data-centric approach. However, after messing around for a couple hours, struggling to do anything (and realizing how much less I know about data relations than I thought, tbh) + noticing a lack of relevant (to me) native integrations and such, I gave up. But THEN, after thinking Coda and some others were likely the answer and trying them out, I just missed Fibery’s potential too much.

So, I watched a lot of your videos, read a lot of your stuff, brushed up on relational database shiz, etc…and then when some of your big releases dropped like hot :fire:in June, July, and August , I was like :pinched_fingers:and now I’m a Fibery cult member. Y’all have a long way to go with a lot of stuff, but the extensibility of lots of your things via API and scripting workarounds as short/medium term stop gaps (silver lining = excuse for me to learn my first scripting/query languages lololol), I think it’s doable until y’all grow things out further.

I work in the ESG/Sustainability field at a fairly large energy (:oil_drum::fuelpump:) corporation in the US, and was exploring some combo of the following SaaS’ for strategy, project, task, and general work process flow/knowledge documentation: Cascade, Smartsheet, Zoho/Monday/etc, Sharepoint, Egnyte, and the whole core Microsoft suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, blah blah).

I can’t get rid of Egnyte or the Microsoft suite for company-specific reasons (we are big public corporation and most people here are too old school to not use Microsoft lol), but I realized that Fibery can and WILL knock the rest of these services out of the park (and largely replace the many incorrect things we currently use Word and Excel files for). So here I am…going to build out my processes, grow with you as you grow, share knowledge/best practices and hopefully get some from others, and over time get some converts from (at minimum) the departments I work most closely with.

Big things I see Fibery helping with include:

  • Corporate Strategy Management - I tested out Cascade for management and communication (to leadership) of strategy planning/execution. So many good things with Cascade, but at the end of the day, while it said it could also be used to manage projects and tasks, it really couldn’t do it sufficiently well enough to rely on it solely and thus would lead to inconsistencies between multiple platforms. And not enough customization. And while Fibery isn’t perfect for task management yet (e.g. no native task dependency feature), and there’s no direct Outlook connection with Fibery, there are sufficient workarounds that can be included in formulas or scripts to get by for now. But I will be able to map out all the same relations as were present in Cascade PLUS the additional ones I was missing, and I’ll be able to make more effective charts and overall reports…some of the Fancy UI that is specific to Cascade’s workflow will be missing, but the structure can mostly be the same, and hey, “you can’t have everything…where would you put it?”.
  • Project Management - fumbled around with Smartsheet, Monday, Zoho, Airtable, and all those other guys…but Fibery currently has most of what I need and the ability for workarounds on most of the rest, but none of the others have the database-like relations and bi-directional linking like Fibery…I like to think that Fibery = Smartsheet and Airtable had a baby, and then that baby ran away at 12 years old as a child prodigy (better than both of them at a lot, but not quite everything yet).
  • Personal “From Anywhere” Task Management - this seems to be currently lacking and likely isn’t ever going to be done with Fibery in the same way of things like Todoist, Microsoft To Do, etc, but I’m 99% certain that I can do universal per person assignment Rollups throughout the whole workspace (i.e., build it out to capture all the “assigned to [insert name here]” for the particular person using it), and then syncing necessary data bi-directionally (through some fancy API and/or integration stack) with Todoist or MS To Do (to get good personal task UI/good mobile access) will work, until more direct integrations are possible.
  • Legal Process & Contract Management - company currently uses a single document folder with no useful metadata + a master excel spreadsheet to store and keep track of all this…Fibery could easily be set up to replace this in a much more effective way (at least until leadership can be convinced to invest in a “proper” legal process management software)
  • And so many more

Looking forward to everything, keep up the great work!


This makes for great reading - very happy that you’re signed up to the ‘Fibery cult’ :crazy_face:
And if you ever find yourself thinking “It feels like this should be possible in Fibery, but I just can’t figure out how to do it” don’t be afraid to chat with us and we will do our very best to prove your hunch right :slightly_smiling_face:


@Chr1sG , thanks for the reassurance! I don’t want to be a burden given I don’t represent your primary use case, however I’ll take your response to be my license to throw the Fibery team everything I’ve got (and I’ll let you all decide if anything I have to say is worth addressing or not :wink:)

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@ChrisG and @mdubakov , I’m kicking myself in the butt because it looks like I got ahead of myself…I mistakenly understood the information in Cloud security — Fibery to mean that AWS’s report demonstrating SOC 2 compliance = Fibery’s demonstration of SOC 2 compliance (that is on me!)…If I understand correctly from the last few product updates (including the latest one, #45. Waiting in July 2022 (, Fibery’s SOC 2 compliance report should be complete in the near-ish future.

Do you have any general idea when the SOC 2 report should be ready? I am told that we can’t even consider adoption of any cloud service without an appropriate SOC 2 report, so I’ll have to abandon Fibery until it is in-hand :sob:.

We have SOC 2 report already, but we are in the Audit process and should receive the certificate in October. Not sure this is good enough… Please let me know and contact me via email or intercom so I can send you the report we have

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