Fibery for Human resources

Hi all!
We just released a solution, that is about many things the Human resources team is about: Hiring, Employee management, Onboarding, and Vacation tracking.
Most templates were already in our gallery, but this one connected them and added some docs, flow, and automations.

  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Hiring
    • creating Job portal
    • looking for Candidates
    • accumulating communication
    • scheduling interviews, storing notes
    • some other fancy things (like analytics!)
  • :hugs: Employee management
    • company wiki
    • planning tasks for HR managers across all employees
    • managing employee’s personal data
    • meetings planning (salary reviews, 1:1’s, etc.)
  • :hatching_chick: Onboarding
    • 30-60-90 Framework
    • repeatable process for every new employee
    • progress tracking
    • unique tasks planning based on position & background
  • :palm_tree: Vacations
    • shared company policies
    • track sick days, overtime, and vacations across all teams and employees
    • allocate vacations every year
    • collect public holidays from all the countries, your teammates are from
    • dynamic views, that show who is off today (for any reason)
    • slack integration for quick and easy notification, and slack bot for simple adding requests

With this link, you can install the whole template.

You may check this set of videos or this set of text guides

Any feedback/questions/etc. are welcome :slight_smile: