Resource Planning & Summarizing Estimates

Hi Guys,

I wanted to start to do some planning in Fibery. My approach is to set up a “estimated” time field across various work items. Then, add those estimates and assign users.

With that information complete, I’d like to be able to start to see over time the capacity that has been assigned, and any potential conflicts. So if I have 4 users that I would like to have doing 30 hrs/week, or say 6 hrs/day, of work on these items, I’d like to be able to see this calculated.

I was wondering if this is something that you know can be done with the Vizi extension?

And as I’ve seen this type of calculation or tool on a lot of other apps, usually in a Table view or Timeline, is this something you guys are bringing possibly to either of those views?

Would be grateful for any insights here as I’m kind of stuck right now on this and would love to know if it’s something that I can solve, if not now, then soon in the future!


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