Getting Started

Hello there.
I’ve just come across Fibery and am really impressed. I’ve just upgraded to the team plan whilst I test out my use cases.
We’re a start-up that books substitute teachers in schools using our app.

I wanted to set up a CRM like series of databases - a teacher database, a school database and a booking database.

This all seems relatively straightforward - but I have a few questions about finetuning.

Is it possible to count weekdays in formulas? When I select a date range, I can ask it to count days which is great but would be a superpower if I can get it to count weekdays exclusively.

I’ve been trying to import one of our old databases - and the process is quite smooth right up until the actual importing when I get an error - but its not really giving me a useful error message - and it disappears really quickly. Something about the upstream server timing out.

Any thoughts on updating the mobile experience? I don’t necessarily need an app but I really struggle to use it on my iPhone.

Sorry about the brain dump - really enjoying getting to know the tool.

PS I love your marketing.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for feedback!

  1. Unfortunately it is not possible to use weekdays in formulas so far. We have this in plans

  2. Can you try import again? It seems timeout problem on the server, not sure what exactly happened.

  3. We don’t have immediate plans to create mobile apps, most likely we’ll put effort into it later this year. Do you have some specific problems? We might fix them I hope.

Also we might arrange a call to help you setup Fibery for your needs, let me know if this is something you want to have.

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