How to create a Daily and Weekly Journal (Newbie Question)


New user here, looking to use Fibery for both PKM and Solo Business KM in my new business/startup. I’m moving over from Craft, the beautiful Mac note-taking app, and so bi-directional linking, database and graphs are all quite new to me. I’ve evaluated Notion (too overwhelming), ClickUp (ready made but … lets say, I really want to support a company with values, honesty, transparency and humour) and Tana (beautiful but don’t like outliners).

I discovered and created a Fibery account last night, and it’s so comfortable and nice to use, I really think it might be the right balance for me once I’m over the learning curve. I’m pleased to say most of my wishlist items are in the system (e.g. pictures on cards, readwise etc) are delivered, so thank you!

Today’s learning curve is how to create a table that has automatic/calculated Days/Months/Year for the purpose of a daily journal?

AI Space Creator - which is so much fun - has created me two tables called Entries and Weeks, but everything is manually entered into text fields e.g. Week 1, Week 2.

I’m wondering if there’s a formula that will let me populate the Title column in the table for all weeks remaining in 2023?

Related to the Weeks table are the Entries. Each of these are a daily journal entry, and I want the title to be the day of the week, dynamically, with a date field showing today’s date, and the Week of the year being a column. That way, I know this is Monday from Week 12 of 2023.

I tried to generate a title using the forum, and using WeekDayName but the formula wants more info and this is where I get lost. I know this is probably really fundamental database stuff so sorry for being such a novice!

It looks like this simple database should be achievable and I just need to get over that learning curve, so appreciate anyones help with this :slight_smile: The outcome I want is a simple table with every week remaining of the year in 2023, and within that a placeholder for Monday, Tuesday etc… entry.

Pics to help:

Weeks Table, showing ‘Week 1’ etc entered into a text column.

One of the Week items expanded, you can see the week’s entries are attached and the view is perfect.

This is the entries table. If I change any of the week details or day name, nothing changes, because it’s still manually associated with Week 1. Plus, if I want to create new entries I need to manually make Week 1, Week 2, Monday, Tues, Wed etc each time.

Thank you so much!

I think @Chr1sG can help here. He created this interesting template for this problem

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Hi @kater
Happy to hear that you’re started to get the hang of Fibery. Michael is indeed right - your use case fits perfectly with the custom app I built and shared a few weeks ago.

Please have a go at installing it - I suggest you sync only Weeks and Days.
Then you will have an entry for every week/day of the year.
Days will be related to Weeks via the Part of/Comprises relationship.

The only thing that doesn’t quite match your needs is that the days will be named with the date, not the day of the week. The day of the week is an available single-select field though, so you will e.g. be able to create board views with the days of the week as columns.

I’d love to hear how you get on with it.


Thank you both so much, really appreciate know that the community can jump on here and hear direct from the team! I’ll let you know how I get on with it!