TIL how powerful and cool Vizydrop in Fibery is - anyone else?

Today I saw a post from the Fibery team outlining some various ways to setup common workflows and systems, e.g. meeting notes, voting systems, even sharing:

Reading through the “sharing” write-up I saw some things that encouraged me to actually go and look at the Charts, a feature I hadn’t really used in Fibery yet because I don’t yet have specific need of it. And because I hadn’t looked at it yet, I didn’t realize that Vizydrop is already integrated with a surprising number of other tools! Am I the only one who didn’t realize e.g. you can chart data from an external Google Sheet? Or from Google Analytics or a random SQL DB? And the interaction is so much better than trying to set it up in Google’s chart functions within Sheets, too.

I still don’t necessarily need any of these visualizations, but I just might think of some now that I know how cool and powerful it is, and how easy it is is to setup great charts!

I also want to mention that the view tabs in here, in the Charts, are exactly what I would like to see for view grouping in general. Like I’ve mentioned before, similar to ClickUp, where you have one item in the left menu (e.g. a Project) and you can click it to see a main/default page (or maybe the last view you saw), but then along the top you can create and configure multiple different types of views on the same data and easily switch between them like tabs in a web browser. You can even move them around and duplicate them to quickly make variations. It’s a pretty obvious approach so I’m not surprised to see it, I just didn’t know it was already implemented in some part of Fibery. I hope we see it extended to more areas soon!

So does anyone use Charts much or were you, like me, pretty unaware of its capabilities? Will you use it more now, e.g. just for visualizing external data you might not have even thought to put into Fibery? I know I might…

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I’ve been using charts for various things.

  • See how long me and my co-workers spend on specific repeating tasks
  • See how much time is spent on each customer
  • Visualize product value, times sold, and the result of those multiplied in a single chart
  • See summary of all customers orders. Total value of every incomplete order + each customers group of order value.

For a side project I am also using it to track hours spent for billing by using a table chart that summarize what has been worked on and the minutes spent on them. I export this as a PNG and attach to invoice.

I have checked out the other options as well, but not really set up tests. One I might find useful is the MongoDB one. I have a local server with MongoDB where I store some other information, but I have not yet found a need to visualize that data.

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I’ve been using charts to plot KPIs over time. The various reports are really flexible and easy to set up, and sometimes, as I play around, I come to think of new visualisations that could be useful, that i hadn’t originally thought of.

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Awesome, thanks for chiming in guys.

Exactly. The ease of use and general responsiveness make it easier to discover new uses just by experimenting. I love that.