Visydrop chart in Wiki


I see how I can add a vizydrop chart as a view along with other views like board or list etc.

It would be great if I could also pull a vizydrop chart into a wiki page using # along with other entities.

It would be good for say, a retrospective style meeting in which you’re talking about what the team did, and you have everything in the one place.


@rickcogley Yes, this is a good idea. We are going to add a possibility to insert all Views into wiki. For example, it will be possible to insert List of Bugs, or Kanban Board, or Calendar, or Chart.


thanks @mdubakov. I also wonder, how the printing will be. It’s a necessary evil, but we need to supply PDFs to clients, in most cases. We have tried getting people to log into systems and that sort of thing, but it seems there is no substitute to emailed PDFs.

In Targetprocess, it looks like printing is pretty good (as is everything about it, really), but TP has been developed over many years. Will Fibery just inherit a lot of the same features that TP has? In one of your presentations about Fibery you mention the concept that UI components will be re-used, almost like a commodity. I would venture to say that Fibery will get a lot of benefit from being TP’s sibling?

A semi related question, Michael - I’ve often wondered if there is a system as flexible / beautiful as Vizydrop, but geared toward reports like Crystal reports, in that, you send it json for say, an order header and order items, and it can print those in a beautiful way. Mail merging stuff to MS word is just, painful. Do you happen to know of anything?


We did not think about printing so far. We can’t take it from Targetprocess and we will have to implement it from scratch in near future.

Do you mean Tabular reports? Vizydrop is going to add Tables quite soon and it will be possible to build something like this in future. As I know development should start in January, but it is hard to say when Tables will be completed.


Tables in Vizydrop sounds great. Mostly, we are sending what you might term a kind of “dashboard”. Usually it’s a combination of things in a project, like, a picture of the near-term schedule (a kind of high level gantt), a budget and status for each item (like, construction cost, cabling cost, professional services labor cost and so on, which is pretty much tabular), and finally, several lists of what we call project “matters”, or, risks, change requests, issues, project assumptions, q&a, etc.

Our goal is to have this sort of project snapshop report be as easy to produce as possible, for the PM. Basically, workers on the project just update their items, and the PM just clicks a button to get a decent report that combines all the stuff we need to report.

It seems like the wiki will be able to combine various elements into one page, but the question is, can that page be printable to PDF.