Project Status Reporting idea

Fibery wiki pages would be very useful for project status reporting, if you can:

  • insert a “live” view of tables, boards, timelines (currently, you can insert only a link to an entity, not the actual data), and maybe this is a optional “snapshot” baked in at the time of report assembly, so as to preserve report integrity for later reference
  • have a way to make a template version of such a report, so you can spend time building it once, then just quickly re-create, tweak and send
  • print to PDF, provided you’re careful with the width of the live views, because stakeholders generally can’t be bothered to log into a system as a user/viewer

In my case I would like such a document to have these sections:

  1. Status summary from last period
  2. High level status, like a RAG report, on sub-projects, GIST goal step-projects and so on, showing what’s green, amber and red, and the reason.
  3. List of risks and mitigations
  4. List of dated decisions
  5. Filtered task status, as appropriate
  6. probably others…but you get the idea

There are some ad hoc aspects to it, but mostly, the above is representable in data, a kind of “assembly” of all the different aspects of a project that you’d want to show to a stakeholder, when managing a project.

This kind of periodical assembly is painful for PMs so anything that makes it easy is really gold.

Such a tweak to docs would allow for various methods to be represented, and allow adjustments for project stakeholders who insist on having this info or that info on a status report.

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Somewhat related to: Visydrop chart in Wiki

Confirmed that you can insert a link to a vizydrop chart/table, but not see the actual thing.

Ok, it’s not ideal, but if you can represent whatever in an image, you can drag it to a wiki page to have it appear. Fortunately Fibery tables print to PDF well.

However you cannot drag a PDF to a wiki page and have it appear properly. 2.0 just got released so I looked at it.

  • The whole thing is document-centric, so having views of data show in the document are the point, but, printing is, erm, kind of possible but not great. Printing Fibery Wiki pages “just works” in the usual way, and they look good, if only we could get data to show up as a dynamic updating view, and/or, a “snapshot” of a view, Fibery would be perfect for those of us who unfortunately have to give some output to project stakeholders…
  • Interesting per-maker pricing
  • doc to doc data link is finally possible in their v2 but it’s in the more expensive plans
  • data tables are currently “richer” in that, you can write formulas to colorize cells and so on (I think I read this is in the plans for Fibery), and there are some advanced controls