Vizydrop - what are some examples of how to use?

Hi - looking at the Vizydrop charts, it looks like it has a lot of potential, but, the data you can feed it from Fibery appears to not be historical afaik so I am not sure what I can build here.

For instance, for Tasks, how could I make a “cumulative flow” chart showing the aggregate totals for a given workflow state over the last month? Or assuming I track estimated vs actual effort, could I make a “burndown” chart over a fixed period?

For features, if I add value vs ease of implementation I could probably make a 2 x 2 matrix showing that, because those records don’t need to be historical…

If we could get a few examples of what is possible now, that would be helpful.

There is more need also integrate table view to chart too
how to bring , embed chart from vizy at the end of video in fibery view is not made clear in the guide

I am also curious about this. In particular, would like to be able to show Progress Bars, or similar visualization of tasks in a project or initiative that are completed vs. total tasks.


I think the best place to learn how Vizydrop works is here

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ah, of course there are docs for it. Thanks!