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At the moment it’s not easy to quickly search table view. If I use “Ctrl+F” it only search in the visible scope. In theory you could use filter to narrow down results - but that’s too complicated to be used on a daily basis. This is a bit painful limitation when moving from Google Sheets.

You can sometimes use global search as a workaround - but only if searching by entity name.

I feel this pain too and hope a type of contextual search is provided on the views soon. As you said filtering is not a suitable alternative as it is too permanent.

The other main issue as you said is that search currently only works on the name and rich text fields. My entity names are getting long and longer to help with search, but that is really ugly, especially because I use inline references all the time. Extending search (global search and view search) to all fields would be really useful.

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I agree, this would be nice to have. I think there might be an assumption to just use the global search no matter where you are. But in the case of any View which shows multiple Entities, I believe there is value in being able to search within the context of that view (which I think is also what you’re saying).

When using regular search, when you find the desired entity, you have to open it to see any info. The Table (and other) view(s) already show you a lot of info, if only you could quickly get to the entity you want to reference. Not only that, but seeing the entity in context (within the View) can also be valuable. For these reasons regular, global search is not a replacement for this functionality. The built-in browser search is also not suitable as it will match text anywhere on the page, including left nav, and as previously noted, also does not match with text in not-yet-loaded entities “below the fold”.

I think Airtable and Google Sheets both have good solutions to this. Both of them intercept Ctrl-F and have a simple search box at the top of the table/list view, and then they jump to any found records, with arrows to jump between multiple matches. This is clearly different from regular search, and of specific utility to Table (and other?) view(s). I think I’d prefer this to a dynamic “filter” of the view (showing only matching entities), although I would say that ideally both would be available.

Here’s what this could look like (with option to turn on “filter” mode):

And I would personally like to see this functionality for basically all Views:

  • In every view I can jump quickly through multiple matching search results, not possible with regular search
  • In Board, I see results in same status, as well as overview of Entity info
  • In Table view, I see as much info at a glance as I wish, and jumping between matching entities could quickly give me an overview of matching entities I can’t easily/quickly get any other way (have to create a whole new View)
  • In Calendar, when a result is found I immediately see all results on the same day, same week, month
  • In Timeline view, similar benefits as Calendar
  • Search could be dependent on visible fields (optionally?), in which case it would extend regular search capability (searching contents of more fields), but also provide some reasonable limit, a way to confine search to particular fields (by what fields are enabled in view)

Yeah, for big Fibery setups with tons of entities (think 25k+), this could be super important. I think I’m going to reshuffle a vote over here if I can. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Wow, your mockup is exactly what I’d be after. Let me just add that for our non-technical users this is a massively needed and especially valuable feature. They’re more likely to see content as free-text documents and expect to explore them this way.

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