Add Favourite Views section to Quick Search

It would be great if the favourite views were available via of the quick search in a separate “favourite views” section so you did not have to remember their names when wanting to access them with the sidebar collapsed. Or even a section at the bottom of the list — accessible with SHIFT+Down Arrow

This sounds more like a function for a “quick switcher” or “command palette”, although some tools do combine quick switch and search into one as they have some overlap in utility. From a UI standpoint though I am not sure how favorites would sensibly show up on the search window in Fibery.

Personally I would love to see either a dedicated quick switcher/command palette, or perhaps some new functional syntax for the quick search that allowed you to filter search very quickly to particular areas. So for example a special symbol preceding some 1-2 letter command or filter indicator, and then regular search text. E.g. =fa dail would limit search to favorites (=fa) and “dail” would match “daily tasks”. This has the benefit of keeping the search UI focused on search, but also addresses your need, and in a way that stays keyboard-centric for those who prefer that. It could also ultimately become much more powerful and tie-in with other recently discussed search needs e.g.:

So for example I could filter by database entities =db searchterm vs. views =vi searchterm. Obviously the special character would have to be something unique that is unsupported in entity names, or have some other way of delineating it. But I like this core concept, at least…

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